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Sipping and Spooning, you read that right.

FALL Pumpkin Parmesan Rigatoni

. . . To kick off the first week of fall AKA the BEST time of the year — the weather is colder, recipes are warmer, homes are cozier, I mean c’mon– I recreated this Fall Pumpkin Rigatoni Recipe that’s to DIE for! I’m honestly drooling just writing this recipe, but here’s the scoop on…

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Greek Chicken Bowls

I’ve recently had a newfound love for Mediterranean food and thinking of recipes to recreate has been a Sunday hobby. Since I work full-time and meal prep my lunches for the week, I’ve recently recreated these Greek Chicken Bowls that are made of fresh ingredients, are low-carb and super filling! I get all of my…

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Casual Caprese

My favorite salad is one that tastes nothing like a salad. Who’s with me? I could probably die happy if this was the only salad or appetizer I ate for the rest of my life. As I’ve raved about before, I really honestly do take joy in the simplest of things. I mean, literally…my favorite…

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