Best Happy Hours in the LBC

We're talking about sips and eats in this post so I'm pretty stoked to write about this. If you follow me on Insta and even my food Insta here, you know I love a damn good Happy Hour. It's my favorite time of day (probably as much as weekend brunches) because it's the perfect way … Continue reading Best Happy Hours in the LBC

Essentials for Kauai and Oahu

After two trips to Hawaii this month, I've learned that tropical weather is NOT for me. Not down for the humidity. Not down for the bug bites either. I'm down for a vacation, though. This month I visited Oahu and Kauai and they are just as beautiful as they are different. To my surprise, my … Continue reading Essentials for Kauai and Oahu

Travel Abroad Beauty Essentials

After three trips to Europe and an upcoming trip to Hawaii, I thought I'd share my traveling abroad beauty essentials that I CANNOT travel without. I'm all about options, so narrowing down to NECESARY beauty products is a challenge for me, but after many attempts, I've managed to muster up a master list for packing … Continue reading Travel Abroad Beauty Essentials

A Series of Cities in Spain

Sangria was my best friend in Spain. Being my third trip to Europe, my recent trip to Spain reminded me just why I love to come back! Filled with beautiful sightseeing and drinking, there's not much to complain about in Spain. Here's the breakdown of the series of cities I visited, what I saw and … Continue reading A Series of Cities in Spain

Best Brunches On Retro Row

In the midst of an eclectic community nestled on a row of vintage shops and coffee houses, Long Beach's 4th Street is most commonly referred to as "Retro Row". Known for an abundance of vintage shops and thrift stores, the row also has an abundance of the most unique and farm fresh coffee houses and … Continue reading Best Brunches On Retro Row

Life Is Beautiful Music Festival

I could not have picked a better first ever music festival to go to (besides Outside Lands 2014 which had Kanye, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, etc...) With patched up second degree burns on my hands and very little sleep, I powered my way through downtown Las Vegas with every inch and nerve in my body … Continue reading Life Is Beautiful Music Festival

The Attic on Broadway

If you're looking for Southern Comfort Food with a twist or just a good hearty meal in general with a decent aesthetic that's date friendly and family friendly, the Attic on Broadway is the best place to be! From their Mac n' Cheetos to their Fried Chicken and Collard Greens, The Attic serves up awesome portions … Continue reading The Attic on Broadway

How to Get a Great Ass (Hike)

Unfortunately if you're reading this post for some tips on getting a great ass, you won't find them here. The title is misleading, sorry. HOWEVER, Hiking the Hermit Falls Trail in Santa Anita had my ass pretty sore the next day (and my boyfriend's, too) probably because half the hike is uphill and every step … Continue reading How to Get a Great Ass (Hike)

(FREE) MOCA – The Museum of Contemporary Art!

Okay, I know the title above says “FREE” in caps, but admission is only free on Thursdays from 5pm-8pm, sorry for the misleading title (but not sorry for luring you into the rest of this post!) The general admission is actually only $12/adult and only $9 if you’re a student! These are generally really great deals … Continue reading (FREE) MOCA – The Museum of Contemporary Art!

Boy Dates, Gal Dates – Reasons to Visit (and love!) Laguna

Ahhhh, Laguna. Sounds like a town of mermaids (and it practically is!) Nothing compares to the sunny little busting town of Laguna filled with seafood restaurants, tourists, beautiful beaches, amazing hiking trails and CANNOT forget the ice-cream!! I also love the fashion vibe here! It's completely beachy and casual! (which is my fave way to … Continue reading Boy Dates, Gal Dates – Reasons to Visit (and love!) Laguna