Spring Essentials with Faithful The Brand

SPRING!! I know it's still February with some rain and 60 degree weather (in Southern California)...well, California in general, but it's only customary to celebrate Spring earlier than usual. AND BESIDES, it's better to have those SPRING ESSENTIALS in your closet sooner than later, yea? YEA. Here's some pieces from Faithful The Brand that I've been … Continue reading Spring Essentials with Faithful The Brand

Necessary Nightly Beauty Regimen

I added "Necessary" to the title of this post because ultimately, consistent practice of this beauty regimen is NECESSARY for healthy and happy morning skin. Whether you have dry skin, combination or oily, this nighttime process should be done to achieve long lasting results in skin elasticity and health. I literally have the most sensitive skin. … Continue reading Necessary Nightly Beauty Regimen

Build Your Own Succulent Bar and Other Galentine’s Festivity Ideas!

Valentine's Day is my favorite Hallmark Holiday. I love the theme and I love how festive and celebratory it is in our culture! The roses I receive from my boyfriend are a nice touch, too...he. But, in all honestly, boyfriend or no boyfriend, Valentine's is a great way to spend time with the people you … Continue reading Build Your Own Succulent Bar and Other Galentine’s Festivity Ideas!

Juice Cleanse with Pressed Juicery

I'm not big on juice cleansing only because of my endless love for food. HOWEVER, when my body needs it, it needs it (i.e. 2 times a year) What I love about juice cleansing that sets it apart from what others deem as "healthier alternatives", is that it really makes my body absolutely feel refreshed … Continue reading Juice Cleanse with Pressed Juicery

Not-So-Basic Essential White Tees

IT'S 2018 SO HOW ABOUT BUILDING THAT DREAM WARDROBE?? Everyone wants pieces that are flattering to their bodies and pieces they can wear several times on several occasions. HOWEVER, a recurring theme I see when I peer into a family or friend's closet is a severe lack of basics. YES, I said it. You can … Continue reading Not-So-Basic Essential White Tees

Being The Bigger Person

Despite all the pettiness our deranged hormones make us feel, there's one thing I've learned from being petty: It doesn't do a thing for you, OBVI. You know that fashion statement, "Less is More"? Well apply that to communicating in a frustrating situation coupled with a temporary furious emotional state. SAY LESS. DON'T SEND THAT … Continue reading Being The Bigger Person

Friends in Toxic Relationships and How to Deal

I've been waiting so long to finally post this, but I just feel this piece was so necessary to write. Having that ONE friend who's in a toxic relationship or who's been in one for forever is not just common, it's an EPIDEMIC. I've literally had one in high school (who luckily got out of … Continue reading Friends in Toxic Relationships and How to Deal

Conflict Communication in Relationships

No one likes conflict. Actually, some people thrive off of it and live for drama in their lives, but my point is: no one likes to be unhappy and conflict with important people in our lives ultimately stresses us out and makes us unhappy. Why? Because we care about that person, obvi. If we didn't … Continue reading Conflict Communication in Relationships

Modern and Fresh Winter and Spring Scents

I'm a candle fiend. This is nothing new. I have about 8 in my apartment and I leave them open and spread all throughout my home to fill the air with just a trace of their light refreshing scent. Not only does having my candles open and free to infuse the air provide great aromatherapy … Continue reading Modern and Fresh Winter and Spring Scents