Post-College Depression & How To Deal

How to put the weight of these feelings into words was the hardest challenge, but I feel like it's not talked about enough. When you graduate, everyone tells you that there are so many open doors. Technically, with a degree there are many and everyone makes you feel like the world is your oyster. The … Continue reading Post-College Depression & How To Deal

5 Thoughts on Graduating

I've been dealt a pretty crazy hand of cards during the last four years, but I have no doubt I played the hell out of them. There's nothing that prepares you for real world sh*t like college does so as the semester (and my college career) comes to a end, I wanted to reflect on … Continue reading 5 Thoughts on Graduating

Everything Brunch Book Club: Soulful Morning Reads!

I feel bad for those who don't invest their time into a good read every now and then because How to expand your Knowledge, Creativity, Inspiration 101: READ YOUR HEART OUT. I can't stress enough how healthy reading is for the brain, for mental and spiritual health. It also exercises the brain and those who … Continue reading Everything Brunch Book Club: Soulful Morning Reads!