How to Deal with Divorced Parents During the Holidays (Cue the Wine)

The Holidays, YIKES. I feel like every holiday season for children of divorced parents is quite the hot cup of stress (in certain cases). If the holidays aren't really stressful for you, count your blessings. & I don't mean there's always drama for divorcee kids, but for some reason, the Holidays tend to frostbite you in … Continue reading How to Deal with Divorced Parents During the Holidays (Cue the Wine)

College Roommates: The DO’s and the DONT’s

Although I'm not in college anymore, I still live with roommates, but throughout all four years I was in it, I lived with an array of interesting women. Let's start from Freshmen year: I lived in the dorms and had one roommate. We were both super messy so we kind of complimented each other in … Continue reading College Roommates: The DO’s and the DONT’s

The Step-Parent Relationship Skew

If you have a step-parent, I'm sure perhaps you can relate. There's a lot of misconceptions about having step-parents and relationships with their step-children. First and foremost, I'd like to just put out there that my step-parents are basically my parents. Let's eliminate the STEP part. They are my absolute best friends. My step-mom is … Continue reading The Step-Parent Relationship Skew

Why You Should Never Settle

The concept of settling is one I've only recently explored. I recently sat with a friend who felt like she was in the same boat in her relationship. I see it everywhere now. People in relationships are not unhappy, but they're not happy either.  So why do people settle? This question was prompted by my … Continue reading Why You Should Never Settle

Friends in Toxic Relationships and How to Deal

I've been waiting so long to finally post this, but I just feel this piece was so necessary to write. Having that ONE friend who's in a toxic relationship or who's been in one for forever is not just common, it's an EPIDEMIC. I've literally had one in high school (who luckily got out of … Continue reading Friends in Toxic Relationships and How to Deal

Conflict Communication in Relationships

No one likes conflict. Actually, some people thrive off of it and live for drama in their lives, but my point is: no one likes to be unhappy and conflict with important people in our lives ultimately stresses us out and makes us unhappy. Why? Because we care about that person, obvi. If we didn't … Continue reading Conflict Communication in Relationships

Dealing with Divorced Parents

I've put a lot of thought into how I was going to write this, especially how I was going to frame this. Some may find it very relatable. Some may have no understanding of it and that's okay. I felt that this post is necessary for those who need help or feel alone. As a … Continue reading Dealing with Divorced Parents