All About My Short Shag

Two years ago I chopped my hair off. It was terrifying and liberating at the same time. Even since I was small I had long hair (like down to my butt) and one day I decided it''d be a good idea for my old roommate to put it into a ponytail and chop it off. … Continue reading All About My Short Shag

Not-So-Basic Essential White Tees

IT'S 2018 SO HOW ABOUT BUILDING THAT DREAM WARDROBE?? Everyone wants pieces that are flattering to their bodies and pieces they can wear several times on several occasions. HOWEVER, a recurring theme I see when I peer into a family or friend's closet is a severe lack of basics. YES, I said it. You can … Continue reading Not-So-Basic Essential White Tees

Holiday Party Outfits

I feel like there's so many holiday parties that go on in the entirety of December: Work parties, White Elephant parties with friends, a Christmas party with the fam, oh and can't forget New Years. It's actually pretty overwhelming and it's even more overwhelming to find the perfect outfit for each event: formal, casual, both?? … Continue reading Holiday Party Outfits

Comfy Flirty Date Pieces

If you have a date this weekend, here's some fresh inspo! Dates are fun! And let's be honest, as cute as we would like to dress, being comfy is the #1 issue and priority. If you're outfit makes you uncomfortable, that's all you start to think about! You start to feel self-conscious. How you feel … Continue reading Comfy Flirty Date Pieces

Styling French Apparel featuring Equipment

I would say my style is (most of the time) boho simplistic. I love the chic hobo look adopted by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I love that effortless cute put-together look that's so simple and easy to maintain. I love pieces that can work together cohesively and I love a closet that can be … Continue reading Styling French Apparel featuring Equipment

Stepping into Fall!

God, I can't wait for Summer to end. Yes, I know you're probably thinking I'm batsh*t crazy for saying that, but I don't take it back. I love Summer, but the heat gets tiring and my days are less constructive, tbh. I spend more money in the Summer because I'm not preoccupied with school AND … Continue reading Stepping into Fall!

Silky Summer Steals and Beachy Feels

Hey loves! I just wanted to introduce the current fashion finds I'm loving and what I'm inspired by (at the moment). As people change, so does their style and I encourage myself and everyone else to always carry their own unique sense of style and always EVOLVE. Your sense of style should always be changing and … Continue reading Silky Summer Steals and Beachy Feels