(FREE) MOCA – The Museum of Contemporary Art!


Okay, I know the title above says “FREE” in caps, but admission is only free on Thursdays from 5pm-8pm, sorry for the misleading title (but not sorry for luring you into the rest of this post!) The general admission is actually only $12/adult and only $9 if you’re a student! These are generally really great deals for museum admission for such a fine art gallery!

Nestled, in the heart of downtown LA, the museum is located on Grande Ave. and is conveniently surrounded by modern restaurants, coffee shops, book stores and more art museums and galleries!


I’ve been to numerous art museums in San Francisco, LA county and San Diego, but I appreciated this museum a little more (probably because it was free) but mostly because I personally favor contemporary art. Interestingly enough, the museum itself takes you through a timeline from the 1940s to the 80s and several tours are offered. However, you don’t need a tour guide to enjoy the museum. What I love most about contemporary art is that each piece in this museum speaks to you in its own way. The pieces I walked by (pictured in this post) were some of my favorites!


What I also really love about the MOCA is that it’s a decently sized museum, meaning it’s smaller than the LACMA and the Getty which I didn’t even finish fully roaming through. This museum is less busy and you’re definitely able to see everything it has to offer without getting super tired from walking around or overwhelmed by so many different pieces. This was actually one of my favorite dates my boyfriend took me on! We had lunch at the Grand Central Market in L.A. and the Last Bookstore right before getting in line for the MOCA so it was a pretty packed and filled and fun day!



Needless to say, paying the full price admission is more than worth the experience and I highly recommend it for all people (even the non-art lovers) because you may be surprised at what speaks out to you!

xx, Bri.


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