Ending Summer with a FRESH FACE!

Who doesn’t love a fresh face? What I love about Summer is that the air (especially in SoCal) is warm and not humid, so the weather compliments my skin in 2 ways: sun kissed and non-dry and cracked skin!

Because it’s warm out, your face doesn’t have to produce excess oils to protect your skin from the harsh and cold icy air and wind like in the Winter! My skin is always better when it’s warmer and it’s the same scenario for most people I’ve talked to! (For those who aren’t big on foundation)

So, here’s the HOLY GRAIL BEAUTY BUYS on beautifying your face in the summer (although it’s already beautiful without makeup!)

  • Olay Moisturizer with SPF
    • This has been my HOLY GRAIL moisturizer and since middle school for two reasons: 1) It’s gentle oil-free and lightweight formula makes it perfect for sensitive skin and I feel my skin can breathe even when I’m gross out in the sun, 2) It has SPF 30 which is ideal because the sun does great damage to your skin and I can’t stress enough how important it is to always have a moisturizer with SPF. If you want to protect your skin, I suggest SPF 30 because it’s just enough! They also have SPF 15 available as well and I found that has a little bit more of a lightweight feel.
  • Color Correcting Primer 
    • I honestly HATE wearing foundation and even concealer sometimes. I’m not big on concealer because I don’t really break out often nor do I ever have really bad bags or dark spots under my eyes so I use a color correcting non-blemish primer all over my face to cosmetically give a smooth flawless finish like foundation does and balance the color. A green primer usually does the trick and takes away any flushed redness I have around my nose. This also makes for a great base for powder after! NYX’s green face primer is lightweight and a total game changer!
nyx primer
  • Transluscent Powder
    • I’m super not big on foundation especially in the heat because I always get anxious about sweating it off and it looking cakey and uneven after a couple hours in the sun. So, translucent powder is usually my go-to. I love a green powder because I don’t have to worry about looking too red or a color imbalance all while mattifying my face. Laura Mercier’s green powder is my go-to. I wear this with and without makeup and it’s so lightweight, I don’t feel gross when I have to reapply at night! For a good drugstore brand, I go for NYX green finishing powder to also balance out my redness. Laura Mercier is a little bit more pricey, but both are great quality products and are  lightweight, translucent finishing powders that help soften the appearance of fine lines and pores! To me, both have a fresh matte finish.



I know there’s only 3 products I use, but I recommend using as little makeup products as possible especially in hot climates because you sweat and oil combined with heavy makeup can be a disaster for pores and your skin texture. It’s also good to let your skin breathe in these types of climates. I like to keep my makeup and beauty regimen as simple as possible. Using minimum beauty products is also extremely budget friendly!

Lastly, my #1 beauty tip aside all these products is to stay out of the sun as much as possible and DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Keeping hydrated is key to beautiful, elastic, radiant skin and whether it’s wearing a hat or staying indoors, the sun can really damage your skin. You may not see it cosmetically at first, but it will show in the years to come and no one wants sun spots and more wrinkles than they should have by the time they’re 40. You can never go wrong with protecting your skin. Also, who doesn’t love a super cute and chic sun hate at the beach?

Take care! (of your skin)

xx, Bri.



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