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  1. Great article! I definitely agree with clearly defining the types of purchases made on credit cards and I completely relate to the sudden chaos of blind expenses!

    If you find yourself in this mess often, I recommend using apps such as Debitize. This functions to automatically and instantly withdraw the exact credit card transaction amount from your bank account to a “reserve” account within the app, ready to be used when your bill must be payed. This way, your bank account always reflects an accurate amount, even prior to having payed off your card.

    A simple spreadsheet has also been a wonderful tool for me when it comes to managing my multiple cards and maximizing my benefits; therefore, saving/earning more $$$. In this spreadsheet would be a list of all the different benefits my cards offer, with the best ones highlighted for that category. (i.e. 4% back on dining with the Uber Visa [highlighted] vs. 2% back on dining with Amazon Visa). This helps me be aware of what cards to use for what purchases as it essentially guarantees you a sort of discount with each transaction!

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