The Step-Parent Relationship Skew

If you have a step-parent, I’m sure perhaps you can relate.

There’s a lot of misconceptions about having step-parents and relationships with their step-children.

First and foremost, I’d like to just put out there that my step-parents are basically my parents. Let’s eliminate the STEP part. They are my absolute best friends. My step-mom is my best friend and role model: someone I can look up to, aspire to be and can go to for anything and everything. She’s a shoulder to cry on and my favorite partner in wine. My step-dad is just as cool. He always helps me with building credit and managing my finances, NOT TO MENTION he’s the first person I’ve ever cracked a cold one with. Some people have a hard time understanding this concept so let me break it down:

A lot of my inspirations and aspirations come from my step-parents.

I wouldn’t have created this blog and I wouldn’t have any idea who I am and who I want to be without them. There’s a lot of assumptions made about having step parents, relationship-wise that I’d like to just nip in the bud, here so here’s some background business for ya.

I’ve known my step-parents since I was younger than five years old. Like…literally since before I could remember. They’ve watched me grow up. I’ve been grounded, I’ve been lectured at, I’ve gotten the whole shebang from them as if they were my actual parents. And to me, they absolutely are.

I hate the assumptions that come with telling people I have step-parents.

Let me give a personal example:

Recently, I went to my step-dad’s wedding with his new fiance and I got a lot of questions and some shit for it, too. If you’re having a hard time connecting the dots, basically he’s no longer married to my mom and is marrying someone else and I still came to celebrate with him. SHOCKED? Don’t be. Why? Because I’m celebrating his happiness. As my best friend growing up and even after his divorce with my mom, he still remained someone super supportive, someone I can trust and rely on as a parent and friend throughout the years. In our case, I know for a fact if I was kidnapped in a foreign country like in TAKEN, he’d be my Liam Neeson. THAT’s the kind of relationship we have and I am super thankful for that. Same goes for my step-mom. She’s like the super responsible version of the cool mom in Mean Girls.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

I frequently get asked questions when I say I’m close with them. It probes a lot of curiosity from others: “Is it weird?” “Why are you close?” “Do you guys have a good relationship?”

In my case, yes. In others cases, I know it can be different and actually may live up to the stigma of awkward step-parent relationships. BUT, not every relationship is like that.

To sum it up, not all step-parent relationships with their step-kids is a bad one and there’s no need to assume an awkward one. I feel like it can sometimes come with a negative connotation and I really wish everyone could know how it feels to have some pretty rad step-parents who they don’t think of anything less than parents.

Relationships are what you make it. I’m glad I’ve made mine friendships that will last forever.


xx, Bri.


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