Juice Cleanse with Pressed Juicery

I’m not big on juice cleansing only because of my endless love for food. HOWEVER, when my body needs it, it needs it (i.e. 2 times a year)

What I love about juice cleansing that sets it apart from what others deem as “healthier alternatives”, is that it really makes my body absolutely feel refreshed and nourished. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, you can diet and exercise, but that process has a different motive. Dieting and exercising, although good, are for longterm results with a long and patient process, when really I’m not trying to be totally yoked in the moment.  After a vacay or period of eating absolute sh*t, I just want to flush out my toxins and be replenished and rejuvinated, which is EXACTLY what juice cleansing does for your body.


So it’s 2018 and in comes Pressed Juicery with their $25/day deal that ended mid January, but what a HELL of a deal. I bought a one day cleanse since I previously tried a cleanse with 1915 Organic and loved how my body felt after. Here’s what I drank and what I experienced with a one day Pressed Juicery Cleanse:

1. Protein


These two were my absolute FAVORITE. I’m a big fan of anything almond related. I drank both of these in the morning with the Vanilla Almond first and then the Strawberry Almond 2 hours later as instructed so. They literally taste like sweetened almond beverages and they’re a great way to sweeten up and kickstart your day!

2. Replenishers


Next I drank these two: The Citrus 2 and Roots 3 Juices. Both are sweet, but a more refreshing sweet, instead of the creamy sweet of the Almond Juices. The apple, lemon and ginger are great for fueling your body with vitamins.

3. Veggies and Vitamins


These juices were my “veggies” for the day. Although packed with veggies, they still tasted refreshing and sweet! I drank these in the afternoon and evening and instructed to do so.


Prior to starting the cleanse, I was instructed to have a juice every two hours and in between juices have a full glass of water. This is to keep your body fueled and hydrated just because you’re doing such a major change from solids to juices for a whole day.

Mind you, you can still eat on a juice cleanse. Yes, I know, the myths are JUST MYTHS. Yes, you can eat solid foods on a juice cleanse. They just have to be raw fruits or veggies and absolutely healthy for you (i.e. Celery, Cucumber slices, boiled eggs). I recommend eating solid foods if you’re doing a 3 day juice cleanse obviously to keep you going, but I usually don’t eat solid foods on a 1 day cleanse.

Anyways, Pressed Juicery Juices have actually been my favorite so far in taste and amount they give you. Juice cleanses are not cheap and NOT healthy to do ALL THE TIME, so I do recommend only doing them two to three times a year when you absolutely need (i.e. after a vacation or the holidays).


xx, Bri.



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